Dallas Stars vs. Seattle Kraken - May 13, 2023

Dallas Stars vs. Seattle Kraken Odds and Prediction

The excitement is palpable as the Dallas Stars get ready to face off against the Seattle Kraken at 7:10 PM EDT today! The Stars are strong favorites in this matchup with odds of -160, while the Kraken are underdogs at +140. The total is set at 6.0, offering plenty of opportunities for savvy bettors to cash in.

If you’re looking for some inside information before placing your bets, it’s essential to look at recent trends to get a better insight into how these teams have been performing. The last time Dallas Stars and Seattle Kraken met was on May 11, 2023, where the Dallas stars beat the Seattle Kraken 5-2. In that game, the Dallas Stars were -194, but tonight they are at -160. Similarly, the total for the game was set at 5.5, but today it’s up to 6.0.

Win Trends

The Dallas Stars have been on fire lately, winning seven of their last ten games. In contrast, the Seattle Kraken has won 50% of their last ten games. This significant difference in win trends makes the Dallas Stars the obvious favorite in this matchup.

Totals Trends

Looking at the total goals scored in recent games, the Dallas Stars have gone over in 7 of their last ten games, while staying under in 3 of their last ten games. In contrast, the Seattle Kraken has seen a more varied trend, with the total going over in 6 of their last ten games and staying under in 4 of their last ten games.

The Smart Bet

With insider knowledge and recent trends in mind, we’re following the hot Shark player JohnTuna877 and taking Dallas Stars (-160) to win this match! The bet seems safe given the Stars’ recent form. But, remember always to bet with your head and not your heart.

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